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Industrial Automation & Intelligence Solutions

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Balance Your Demands

A few years earlier, you might think equipment automatic is for the big players in the market.
Now with recent advancements that cut costs and expand capabilities,
automation and intelligence system has become a viable path to profitability for more businesses than ever.

Our Solution

Complete application engineering, training, customer service and sales support.
Key focus on integrated robot workstation for welding, material handling, material removal and assembly,
robot system demonstrations and application development.

Our Vision

With science and technology,contribute for more intelligent and powerful industries.
Filling the blank space for demands of industry equipment updating, taking leading position in
world industry,becoming world leading intelligent welding integrated manufacturer.

Industrial Automation & Intelligence Solutions

KEHUI TECHNOLOGY is a professional integrated project solution supplier on intelligent welding plant. We serve clients number and intelligent factory comprehensive solution by taking smart welding as cut-in-point and integrating whole chain resource.

23 years of technology accumulation on intelligent welding since 1996. We have master core technology: welding as the core of intelligence manufacture, also is the most inefficient and most important sore point in industry. Now we are CHINESE NEW OTC MARKET , CHINESE HIGH TECH ENTERPRISE HENAN POST DOCTOR R&D BASEMENT, OTC welding robot HENAN technical center, Zhengzhou city intelligent welding automatic equipment engineering technology R&D center.


Kehui Technology specializes in R&D, manufacturing and technical services for intelligent welding equipment.
After more than 20 years of research and development, hundreds of automation module combinations have been developed to provide corresponding and integrate solutions to intelligent welding, better to meet different requirements of different industries and different users.

Zhengzhou Kehui Technology Co., Ltd

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Address:High-tech and development Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan Prov.,China
+86 15633683072
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